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Skin Allergies and Rashes in Children

In pediatrics particular it is important to identify skin lesions; as such knowledge will enable us to recognize potentially significant systemic diseases, such as chicken pox, measles, lupus etc and reassure concerned parents. The skin serves as a critical barrier to infection and dehydration and as such it is important…



In times when external appearance is as important as internal health of an individual, any growth or eruption seen on a person’s external body causes a lot of speculation as to what it Is, how it has come up and most importantly how to get rid of it. If such…


Tonsillitis and Adenoiditis

In today’s environment of stress and pollution every individual’s life is affected by these hazardous factors and the most gullible ones are the little children. Imagine the stress on the parents from the day their child is born wherein their already busy schedules they are juggling with frequent visits to…

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