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Homeopathy at it's Best

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann
Founder of Homoeopathy
(10th April 1755 –
2nd July 1843)
Dr. Mahavrat S.Patel

Dr. Mahavrat Patel’s Homeopathy Clinic in Vadodara
Homeopathy at your doorsteps! No matter where you live on Earth!
Dr. Mahavrat Patel is a 2nd generation Homeopath, with 25 years of skill and proficiency. Cosmic Homeo Healing is an established homeopathic centre operational for over 50 years. The strength of our center is the highly committed qualified team of doctors working on various specialties. We believe in providing one-on-one attention to patients and making the treatment effective and updated at every forthcoming step.

Homeopathy at its Best!
We are dedicated to providing quality homeopathic care.
We offer online and telephonic consultation on prior appointments.

What our patients say


    My self Dhara Sadhu. I done my Mesotherapy in month of July every Sunday(6 sitting). Mesotherapy is really worth to control my hair fall . It gave me good strength of my hair.


  • patient

    In December 2012, I was shocked to see a bald spot just above my forehead one morning. I immediately consulted Dr. Mahavrat Patel & he came to my rescue. Within a week of starting his treatment the result was astonishing. The spot was within 15 days barely visible.My faith in him was not misplaced. After all, 20 years ago he had cured my mother of her illness- migraine headaches which used to leave her incapacitated for three days almost every fortnight. Thank you Dr. Patel for your help


  • patient

    At the age of 67 years I was diagnosed with Cervical spondylosis. I had severe pain in the neck & it hampered my daily routine work. The pain radiated to my arms & shoulders & I was running from one doctor to another to get some relief. After 2 months of severe pain I was finally advised surgery by the Orthopedic surgeon. I was advised by an associate to get in touch with Dr. Patel for Homeopathic treatment. Within a month after I started the homeopathic treatment along with some physiotherapy exercises & aides my pain had reduced by almost 80%. It has been over 7 months since I am taking treatment with Dr. Patel & now I am totally free of pain & have no complaints. I can easily & freely do my regular routine work & am able to travel on two wheeler & auto rickshaws.


  • patient

    "I started treatment with Dr. Mahavrat Patel for my complaints before 8 and ½ months. 3 and ½ years ago I noticed hair falling from my beard region. Slowly this progressed to the scalp & few months down the line I lost all my hair. The skin and scalp became totally smooth with no evidence of hair. I also developed dry, itching eruptions on my legs & right elbow region. Once I started homeopathic treatment within a short span of 3 months new hair growth was noticed on my scalp. The eruptions on my legs had decreased & now there is just mild itching ocassionally. Presently after continuous treatment now I have considerable hair growth back on the scalp & also a few on my beard area. The hair that has grown is black & healthy looking. I am extremely happy & satisfied with the result of the homeopathic treatment given by Dr. Mahavrat Patel & I will continue to take treatment for the full prescribed period of time."


  • patient

    I had developed severe acne in Jun 2012. Initially had lots of pimples all over the face, with very dry skin & severe itching. After starting treatment with Dr. Mahavrat Patel slowly & steadily the eruptions subsided. Along with medication I was also advised natural remedies for external application which helped. Now after almost 10 months of treatment the pimples are very few or negligible in number. Itching which was very disturbing initially has completely gone now. The texture & overall condition of the skin also looks much better.


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