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Patients helped by Dr Mahavrat Patel with Homeopathy Treatments

  • Jyoti Gajjar - Patient cured of boil on hand

    I, Jyoti Gajjar, aged 25 years married was suffering from a hand boil of a size more than a inch - which doctor stated as abscess. As it was a hand boil which had no opening, kept me in pain all the time and it was difficult for me to sit. When I visited doctor Mahavrat, I was weeping as the pain was unbearable. Doctor Mahavrat immediately understood what I was going through & gave me medicines accordingly within 2 - 3 days, the size of the boil reduced & the pain was bearable & it took a week for it to heal fully. It is a misconception that homeopathy treatment takes years to heal, but I believe Dr Mahavrat Patel has a key to all treatment. Thank you Dr Mahavrat for saving me from a surgery.

    Jyoti Gajjar,

  • Sunil Shridmar

    I am suffering from Diabetic for the last 15 years, I am 60 years old. Since last 4 years, I had developed typical symptom in my feet as I lie down in the noon or night, within minutes get particular place spots on the upper side of my toe, I get a burning sensation which is very acute.I have to get up in the bed & sit crossed legs, holding my toes pressing them. Around 4 am my mind is so tired that I go to sleep. Drs gave me PRESABICA - MG TDS. Till last month another medicine added GABNTITP - AT, BDS. That day I came t Dr Mahavrat Patel and in 5- 10 days of taking his medicine, burning has stopped. Now I don’t need t take PRESABICA.

    Sunil Shridmar,

  • Thank you for an unforgettable experience at Cosmic Homeo Healing Center!! From the immaculate aesthetics and inviting staff, to your thoughtful advice and care, I felt completely relaxed and fully cared for during my visit to CHHC. I opted for the full body massage, and - I must say - that it was one of the best massages I have ever had: I can't wait to return to Baroda… Just to experience the relaxing massage again! Thank you again for taking good care of me during my visit: I look forward t seeing yu all again soon!

    Vishal Patel,

  • Visiting Dr Patel’s clinic will change your perception of homeopathy for the better not only is the clinic immaculate but also is designed beautifully to ensure your balance and harmony with the environment and yourself. I’ve never experienced such technically-executed massage - where you can completely trust the massage to heal all your aches and pains under the guidance of highly - skilled , knowledgeable, open-minded,traveled, and well- researched homeopathic doctor. The entire experience was magical and rejuvenating for mind, body and soul. Don’t think twice - just book yourself and appointment today - you won’t regret it!


  • I am a dental student, I used to have constant back pain & headache with a seasonal illness. With the help of homeopathic medicine of Dr Mahavrat Patel for about 4 months now I have experienced a drastic change in my immunity system & is also able to overcome all my illness. I would strongly recommend the needy for trying out his medicines for his/her betterment.


  • I am Urmila.H. suva. I am 43 years old and I am suffering from ARTHRITIS since almost 3 years, and as soon as I got this disease, I started visiting Dr Mahavrat Patel for homeopathic treatment. In the starting I was unable to d any work as I had severe pain in all the joints of my body but after taking homeopathic treatment, my disease is almost cured. Now I just have pain in my hands joint.Thanks to Dr Mahavrat Patel!

    Urmila.H. suva,

  • Sunil Kumar - Patient Cured of Gout.

    I, Sunil Kumar was suffering from gout. All allopathic doctors advised me an operation is the only solution. To avoid the operation I met Dr. M.S.Patel. After 2 months of treatment, gout was fully cured. For this any words of appreciation are small. Many many thanks to Doctor Patel for the treatment given to me.

    Sunil Kumar,

  • Preeti Damle - Patient cured form photodermatitis, acne and pigmentation

    Myself Preeti Damle, age 40, I suffer from photodermatitis, acne, and pigmentation after my pregnancy. Due to this, there were dark spots on my face. I applied honey & lemon every day but it didn't make any difference. Then I decided of starting the medication from Dr. Mahavrat Patel, I started in December 2017, & till now n 11th May 2018, there is a lot of improvement in the texture of my face. The spots have become light & my fair skin is again visible. So I am sure soon I will get my original skin back.

    Preeti Damle,

  • Dakshayani Ambekar - Patient cured of Hair Loss

    I was horrified when I realized that my hair is loss day by day in March 2014. At the start, I went t started treatment for hair re-growth. I consulted many doctors in Vadodara but the results were frustrating. It becomes worst and noticed were hair losing more day by day. I can't understand the reason. I am very very worried that time my sister recommendation t consulted Dr. Mahavrat Patel (Cosmic Hmeo Health Center) and I started homeopathy treatment. I started six months I thought it’s all are waste of time and money but my mother told me please make patience, homeopathy treatment take time. Then after in continuing this treatment and 9 to 11 months, I saw the result and my hairs were increased and make hope that finally, my hair was regrowth by this treatment. I will be always grateful to Dr. Mahavrat Patel and his team for re-growth my hair

    Dakshayani Ambekar,

  • Dakshayani Ambekar - Patient cured from reflux of food & vomiting

    I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the exceptional treatment & care you gave to my daughter Dakshayani Ambekar. While her reflux of food & vomiting was very much painful for her as well as to us as parents, we were deeply upset after we understated that her treatment in allopath is possible only by surgery whereas other treatment recommended t make her sit on chair on 24 hours basis without letting her grow, play as normal child. However homeopathy treatment you provided was extremely effective & she is fully recovered within 2 months without need of any surgery or special precaution to make her sit. Your willingness to take time from your busy schedule to comfort us, explain things to us really made us able to face all our fears and eased our way. You never hesitated to answer all your questions and your genuine warmth and caring for Dakshayani was evident. Thank you also for not being a typical practitioner of medicine, but a doctor who cares about the individual personal & spiritual wellness. God bless you always.

    Dakshayani Ambekar,

  • M.N.Srivastava - Patient cured of wart on face

    I had a wart on my face and tried many medicines as advised by doctors but without any result then I got removed by surgery twice but it used to reappear within three months. Then one of my friends told me that there is a homeopathic treatment for the same and it is done by Dr. Mahavrat S. Patel. After getting this information I went to Dr. Mahavrat S. Patel’s shriji clinic 217 paradise complex sayajigunj Vadodara for treatment. With this homeopathic treatment, the wart was completely gone within three months and now its more than 2 years that it has not appeared and I am completely cured. I am highly thankful to Dr. Mahavrat s.Patel for this treatment.


  • Arpan Dave - Patient Cured of Viral Warts

    Exactly after 1 year and 3 months, I experienced MAGIC in my life. I was suffering from Viral Warts since last 3 years. I went through the painful treatment, took plenty of immune enhancing medicines but the reoccurrence of viral warts had become a permanent part of life. I felt irritated, frustrated and unclean, Then Dr.Mahavrat Bhai -My saviour helped me out. I had very little faith in homoeopathy thinking what would these sweet small medicines help. But these small, sweet medicines created MIRACLE I started my medicine course on 4-10-15 Today I am on 13-1-17 all warts have disappeared. During this journey of 1 year and 3 months of mixed emotions enticed me. Homoeopathy medicines clearly depend on regularity, faith and immense patience. I had my bouts of impatience and distrust too. But with continuous support care and patience of Dr Mahavrat bhai, I emerged as a winner in my race aganist this stubborn skin ailment. I urge all f you who are reading this to Please have faith in Dr Mahavrat bhai. He is a healer and there is a magic in his treatment. Thank you, Doctor, for his wonderful gift of CURE. Warm regards and loads of blessings.

    Arpan Dave,

  • Kartik Kumar Lad - Patient cured of Urine Warts

    I was suffering from wards at urine place, since Mar-16. Many time I went through electronic treatment and removed wards by Dr.Swetal Shah which was not successful. He never recommended for further medical / homoeopathy action t improve my body immune system. After frustration, I shifted my case to Dr Sandeep Aklkar in Aug-16, who is really experienced and genuine doctor. Who have provided me accurate treatment and also suggests me the right path to move with homoeopathy at Dr.Mahavrat S.Patel to improve my body immune system. As per the reference, I knocked on your door. You have kept me assured at very first day that, you’ll make me free from the issue in the next 6 months. I kept trust on you and today I’m very happy to announce that, I AM FREE FROM WARDS. I appreciate your commitment and obliged to you that, you have controlled my case very well. I would like t say, “Doctors and supporting staff like you, Replace the fear of Illness with Trust & Recovery.” Many thanks for your great support.

    Kartik Kumar Lad,

  • Thanks a lot sir...I have great faith in sir and homeopathy. Their Consultations are conducted with great sensitivity and extremely genuine with their care they help my daughter’s health a huge difference. My daughter’s health a huge difference.My daughter’s concentration level & immunity power are superb now. She feel much more present are created. For me the homeopathic treatment had significant effect. I feel much more stronger mother within myself

    Dipali Purvesh Nanavati,

  • DHARA SADHU - Patient cured of Hair Loss

    My self Dhara Sadhu. I done my Mesotherapy in the month of July every Sunday(6 sittings). Mesotherapy is really worth to control my hair fall. It gave me good strength of my hair.


  • patient

    MRS. DIPIKA ROY - Patient cured of a bald spot just above forehead

    In December 2012, I was shocked to see a bald spot just above my forehead one morning. I immediately consulted Dr. Mahavrat Patel & he came to my rescue. Within a week of starting his treatment, the result was astonishing. The spot was within 15 days barely visible. My faith in him was not misplaced. After all, 20 years ago he had cured my mother of her illness- migraine headaches which used to leave her incapacitated for three days almost every fortnight. Thank you, Dr. Patel, for your help


  • patient

    MAHENDRABHAI MOHANLAL SHAH - Patient cured of Cervical spondylosis

    At the age of 67 years, I was diagnosed with Cervical spondylosis. I had severe pain in the neck & it hampered my daily routine work. The pain radiated to my arms & shoulders & I was running from one doctor to another to get some relief. After 2 months of severe pain, I was finally advised surgery by the Orthopedic surgeon. I was advised by an associate to get in touch with Dr. Patel for Homeopathic treatment. Within a month after I started the homeopathic treatment along with some physiotherapy exercises & aides my pain had reduced by almost 80%. It has been over 7 months since I am taking treatment with Dr. Patel & now I am totally free of pain & have no complaints. I can easily & freely do my regular routine work & am able to travel on two wheeler & auto rickshaws.


  • patient


    "I started treatment with Dr. Mahavrat Patel for my complaints before 8 and ½ months. 3 and ½ years ago I noticed hair falling from my beard region. Slowly this progressed to the scalp & few months down the line I lost all my hair. The skin and scalp became totally smooth with no evidence of hair. I also developed dry, itching eruptions on my legs & right elbow region. Once I started homeopathic treatment within a short span of 3 months new hair growth was noticed on my scalp. The eruptions on my legs had decreased & now there is just mild itching occasionally. Presently after continuous treatment now I have considerable hair growth back on the scalp & also a few on my beard area. The hair that has grown is black & healthy looking. I am extremely happy & satisfied with the result of the homeopathic treatment given by Dr. Mahavrat Patel & I will continue to take treatment for the full prescribed period of time."


  • patient

    BHAVIN SHAH - Patient cured of Acne

    I had developed severe acne in Jun 2012. Initially had lots of pimples all over the face, with very dry skin & severe itching. After starting treatment with Dr. Mahavrat Patel slowly & steadily the eruptions subsided. Along with medication I was also advised natural remedies for external application which helped. Now after almost 10 months of treatment the pimples are very few or negligible in number. Itching which was very disturbing initially has completely gone now. The texture & overall condition of the skin also looks much better.


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