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Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann
Founder of Homoeopathy
(10th April 1755 –
2nd July 1843

“Wisdom of Ancient Experiential Knowledge Is Uniquely Contributed And Upgraded With Progress Of Time”

The concept of Cosmic Healing Centre was laid some seven to eight decades ago (1940) by the late Dr. Shantibhai. M. Patel and his mentor late Dr. Benoytosh Bhattacharya (The Director of Oriental Institute). Dr. B Bhattacharya was one of the prominent resource persons (Rajaya Ratna, Janan Jyoti) of Sir Maharaja Sayjirao Gaekwad, the King of erstwhile Baroda State, Gujarat, India.

Dr. Mahavrat S. Patel

Dr. Mahavrat S. Patel

The holistic approach of cosmic healing was initiated with the scientific integration of therapies dealing with and based on dynamic energies affecting a person’s mental, physical, and spiritual being. Dr. B Bhattacharya and Dr. Shantibhai had a wide experience with the Homeopathic System of Medicine. Moreover, since their early childhood being born in a family following Vedic traditions and further following higher education on the same path, they had a firm conviction, elaborate exposure, and deep insight into the ancient knowledge of the Vedas and various esoteric disciplines dealing with dynamic healing energies. With this very foundation and inherent capability, they successfully integrated Homeopathy with Ayurveda (Tridosh and Homeopathy), Gem Therapy, Radiesthesia, Dowsing, Teletherapy, and so on….. The institute was well known across the globe and is accredited with a list of over thousands of successfully treated patients with varied ailments.

Dr. Benoytosh Bhattacharya was considered an esteemed authority on the Indian esoteric system and iconography and has authored a series of papers and books which have inspired and motivated scholars and holistic practitioners all over the world. To name a few…………

  1. Guhyasamaja Tantra (Baroda 1931)
  2. An Introduction to Buddhist Esoterism (Oxford 1932)
  3. The Science of Tridosha 1951
  4. Gem therapy 1958- 1963
  5. Magnet Dowsing 1960
  6. Teletherapy- The science of cosmic ray therapy (1957)
  7. “Scientific background of the Buddhist Tantras “in Buddha Jayanti special number of the Indian Historical Quarterly (Calcutta 1956)

Following the pioneering efforts of the Holistic and Homeopathic practice of the late Dr. Shantibhai in the towns of Nadiad and Petlad, Gujarat, India, the third-generation holistic healer, and second generation Homeopath Dr. Mahavrat S. Patel established Cosmic Homeo Healing Centre in Baroda city, State Gujarat, India in a very well equipped, State of The Art set up with a serene, cohesive and conducive ambiance. He has been practicing Homeopathy integrated with holistic healing for the last four decades.

Since his early age Dr. Mahavrat by a meditative mind, hard efforts, formal training, and learning has been exploring various conventional, esoteric, martial art healing disciplines. He is also an ardent follower and a regular mediator practicing Vipassana meditation since early childhood. As a result of the said efforts and learning, he has been able to integrate more than ten holistic disciplines at the Centre as mentioned in the brochure.

One of his main achievements in four decades of Homeopathic practice is being able to integrate homeopathic material medical and philosophy with clinical medicine in treating critically ill patients by being in a team of medical experts, coordinating and jointly working in the interest of patients’ recovery.

Dr. Patel has been serving the academic cause by conducting seminars, and workshops for students and practitioners and has affiliated with and served homeopathic institutions and hospitals in India and abroad.

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