Dowsing is the science dealing with the study, analysis, measuring (gauging) the type of energy field and thus detecting a particular possibility of disease, probable remedies or in other usage hidden substance or objects. For example, from ancient times it has been used to detect and locate water sources underneath.

Pendulum is the most commonly used dowsing tool. The pendulum is suspended and oscillated near the patient or patient’s hand or patient’s photograph is kept in the center of the chart, in order to analyze the energy field. The nature of the swing and direction of rotation indicates the person’s ailments.

In dowsing the cosmic energy flows through the dowser’s spiritual being as he becomes totally neutral and available to the energy. The flow of this energy directs the oscillations and movements of the pendulum and points towards the probable results.

Dowsing is a natural and integral tool of man and its history is as old as human culture and civilization. Every object in the world has a characteristic “aura”, or electromagnetic field that can cause a sensitive person to be able to perform dowsing. Dowsing is simply the ability to connect to one’s higher state of guidance to get answers of asked questions. From a simplistic scientific perspective, it is the ability to access information available through the right-side of our brain (in the Western world most individuals operate almost exclusively through the left-side of their brain), so by expanding our abilities to utilize a greater proportion of our brain.

Dowsing has enjoyed resurgence for anything from finding unmarked graves, in detecting the type of illness, and identifying harmful energies within a home. The tools used for dowsing can be organic, like the wooden sticks made of hazelnut or other trees, or metal rods. The analysis in holistic treatment by dowsing is one of the important tools and has been established and evolved over many years and has proved to be most effective in healing.

All in all dowsing is a widely used practice by holistic practitioners.

Note: Dowsing should not be taken as a final diagnostic tool for diseases and should not be substituted for necessary medical attention and treatment.

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