REIKI – A Transformational Healing Experience

It is the healing power of the universe (The Universal Life Force) which is all around us. This wonderful life enhancing energy was rediscovered and established as a healing art by Dr.MikaoUsui in Kyoto, Japan in 1896.During Reiki sessions the therapist with his sheer compassionate intent and healing awareness acts as a channel for the universal life force energy. The energy enters the body at the Crown chakra and leaves mainly through the centers on the hands. The energy works wherever the recipient needs it most. It augments, accelerates and increases healing process and creates the natural state of balance.

As it taps and provides the universal life force it complements and increases the effectiveness of most kinds of medication and treatment, whether Allopathic, Homeopathic, Ayurvedic, Naturopathic or any other therapeutic modality. It is completely safe, benign, natural and holistic. Hence Reiki is an ideal treatment for anyone, even the very young, elderly, those recovering from surgery and pregnant women.It is worth noting that Reiki energy always comes from the unlimited Divine Source, and so the practitioner’s energy is never depleted. In fact the practitioner’s energy level increases as the Reiki flows through and both the practitioner and recipient benefit from the energy.

Reiki is not a religion, belief system or any faith in particular.

Reiki cannot be manipulated.

Reiki goes to all levels of our being.

It is effective on chronic and acute illness. E.g. Migraine, Neuralgia, joint pains, low feeling-stress, anxiety, strained relationships ………….etc.

Especially in the patients with low immune response (vitality), hepatitis C, B, Aids, resistant infections with diabetes, acute and chronic liver diseases, autoimmune diseases like lupus ,rheumatoid arthritis , or with severe diseased stage like cancer, after  chemotherapy, radiation and patients recovering from  trauma, shocks, before & after major surgeries the universal energy Reiki has undisputed  role to play.

The sessions are wildly and regularly used by business corporate, professional and artists to enhance their positive health potential (creativity, communication, memory and intuition).

It has also proved to be a great boon to students and persons going through the most demanding enduring and arduous situations in life.

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