Radiofrequency surgery has a long-documented history of use in oral, ophthalmic, plastic, and gynecological surgery.

Aesthetically it is used in the:-

  • Removal of skin tags, warts, seborrhoic keratosis, syringoma, and trichoepithelioma.
  • Removal of melanocytic naevi, telangectasias, and early skin tumors.
  • Skin biopsies and grafts.
  • Resurfacing of scars (chicken pox, acne, etc.)
  • Primary resection of Keloids.
  • Debulking of skin tumors.
  • Resurfacing in case of Rhinophyma, Darier’s disease, etc


  • Hair restoration surgery: scalp reduction, scalp lifting, scalp flaps.
  • Blepharoplasty.
  • Excision of plantar fibromata, in growing toenails.

To conclude, radiosurgery is a faster-evolving technique being effective, simple, quick, and cost-effective.

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