सर्वेषामेव रोगाणां निदान कुपिता मलाः |
तत्प्रकोपस्य तु प्रोक्त विविधादित सेवनम ||

Naturopathy is based on the principle of the inherent healing power of the body. It is a universally accepted fact by all systems of medicine that the individual’s body response (host factor) to the disease and medicine plays a major role in recovery and resistance against all ailments.

Naturopathy is the science of enhancing this healing power through natural resources, means and modalities, mainly in conjunction with the 5 natural elements (the Pancha Mahabhuta) – Space-Ether (Aakash), Air (Vayu), Fire (Teja), Water (Jala), Earth (Pruthvi).

As explained, all the methods and treatment modalities are oriented towards natural recovery. Hence, nature cure system does not depend on internal medications and minimizes or avoids permanent dependence of medication to a great extent.

The treatment modalities are oriented towards gradual detoxification of the body, increase of the body’s immunity and general well being of mind and body. The treatment modalities mainly prescribed are fasting regimen, specific organic diets, prescribed usage of sunlight, hydrotherapy, precise exercise, massage, application of natural non medicated mud packs or organic packs and thus increase patient’s faith and conviction in inherent healing power.

After documenting recovery of numerous chronic and severe diseases like cancer, chronic headaches, colitis by nature cure system and its main quality of safe and effective healing, naturopathy is gaining wide popularity around the world. Developed countries like USA have recognized the importance of this science and have started a 5 year licensed degree course of naturopathy doctors N.D. in reputed Universities. On the similar path it is getting recognised in India and a number of reputed colleges and hospitals have been established.

CHHC has experts in nature cure system available for consultation and wellness sessions. The set up of the centre is energizing, tranquil and conducive that motivates patients towards early and safe recovery and healthy living.
Note: – The centre has an organic kitchen which provides organic food to the patients and teaches them the right way of preparation and cooking of the nutritious tasty food which helps them follow the diet regimen in their day to day life at home.

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