Aura Imaging

An aura is the energy field that surrounds every object, organism or human being. The energy field mainly prevails by electromagnetic waves. Though the energy field has many known and unknown bio energies which are yet to be completely explored by modern science.

The energized Aura conveys, communicates, feels and influences the surrounding (organism’s- Human’s) subconscious awareness  with a kind of spontaneity, depth and intricacy  that goes beyond any and every verbal communication in times, word and  language.

It is a fact, experienced by many that the presence of certain people with a pure and positive aura gives comfort and peace to all surrounding humans and organism.

At Cosmic Homeo Healing Centre, human energy field scan (Aura imaging) is done by a device known as Bio – Well based on GDV technology.

Dr Korotkov, an internationally renowned scientist known for his pioneering research on the human energy field, developed the (GDV) gas discharge visualization technique based on the Kirlian effect in 1995. GDV technique is the computer registration and analysis of electro photonic emission of human fingers resulting from placing the fingers in high intensity electromagnetic field on the device lens. Further the photon electronic “Glow’ of this discharge which is invisible to the human eye is captured, translated and transmitted in graphic images by the highly sensitive device and its in-built software. The images of human energy field created in bio well device are based on ideas of traditional Chinese medicine and verified by 18 years of clinical experience by hundreds of medical doctors with many thousand patients. The energy field scan gives a wealth of meaningful information regarding holistic view of the state of your well being, such as:-

  1. It gives the general image of the energy field with different layers surrounding the body as shown in the figure. The volume and colors of the layers indicate ones physical, mental and dynamic energy. And certain patterns of the energy field such as: Even continuity all around or gaps in between, spikes or lows at certain regions; indicate good flow, excess, deficit or imbalance of energy in the particular zone of the body.
  2. The graphs show the stress level of one’s mind and level of physical energy.
  3. The meridian analysis shows the high and low energies of acupuncture points and also shows the percentage of yang and yin energies.
  4. The Kundalini Chakra analysis shows the intensity and alignment of the seven energy centers of the body.
  5. Further graphs in details show the equilibrium and imbalance in right and left sides of body organs.

With further advent and experience the aura imaging is supported by many therapies and ways of aura cleansing and healing. It assists you in removing psychic debris; releases block, conserves and increases the pure vital universal energy flow with which one is gifted.


A rise in motivation to succeed once you tap into unrecognized energies.

Helps you to identify and release you from fear, anxieties, mood swing, depression, over indulgence, addictions, obsessions, frustration, pent-up emotions, set undesired patterns and blocks.

Increased openness, forbearance, team spirit, communication, administrative and convincing skills, are some basic qualities of a poised self-tuned person equipped with aura imaging sessions. All viewed in totality give deeper insight in one’s energy and helps one to foresee the cause and occurrence of many physical and mental illnesses.


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