Vaastu Shastra

Offer the prosperous, fruitful journey, a complete purpose and enlightening destiny to your life by adopting Vaastu.

Vaastu Shastra is the science of living in harmony with nature and environment.

Origin of Vaastu Shastra dates back to more than 5000 yrs ago as a vedic science.

Vaastu Shastra is a part of treasured Vedas and originates in the Atharva Veda under the section Sthapatya Veda.

Vaastu Vidhya knowledge consists of ideas and concepts which deals with architecture and layouts of various sections of buildings or landscapes. It also includes selection the forms of the objects and their placement in reference to time, space, directions, planets, deities and the person’s living, occupying or using the premise.

Further, vaastu deals with the five elements (earth, water, space, air, fire) which remain united.
Organizations and balancing of all these aspects is done as for the fundamental form of Vaastu Purush which generates positive cosmic energies and bestows the desired purpose, excellent health, wealth and prosperity and comforts of life to person inhabiting in the premise. It is a time proven way to prevent negative effects of imbalanced energy field and to facilitate and achieve best possible aspiration of one’s life.

The main shastras and source books considered at cosmic homeo healing centre are:-

  • Manasara Silpa Shastra (by Manasara)
  • Mayamatam (by Mayasuras)
  • Vishwakarma Vaastushastra (by Viswakarma)
  • Samarangana Sutradara (by Raja Bhoja)
  • Aparajita Priccha (a dialogue between Viswakarma and his son Aparajita, written by Bhuvanadevacharya ) Silparantna.

As Vaastu Shastra is a vedic discipline it is given its due importance in holistic treatment. It is most frequently demanded by the patients at cosmic homeo healing centre.

Vaastu consultation has proved to be very beneficial for the patients and their family. So very frequently it is demanded by them during their treatment course of their ailments.

The cosmic homeo healing centre itself has been set as for the science of vaastu. The incoming patients feels and recognizes the positive energy and compliments (reports) us.

Note: Vaastu consultation is given in person after visiting the site and also as a web consultation after receiving the complete detailed layouts.

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