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Wisdom healing arts and medicines of Chinese civilization-wisdom, healing arts, and medicine are an age-old truth. It has served millions of suffering people all over the world. The science of vital energy points (acupuncture) was originally founded in China some four thousand years ago and proved its worth. Since then it has been developed and effectively practiced in various clinical conditions like arthritis, spondylitis, allergies asthma sinusitis, migraine, neuralgia, and so on. Pain management is very effectively explored and established in this science. Many painless surgeries have been demonstrated and documented by videos where anesthesia was avoided with the help of acupuncture …………..

As we all know our body remains alive and healthy through a constant flow of blood supply, gaseous, and energy exchange in and around every cell of it. This supply and flow are conducted by various blood vessels, lymph vessels, and nerves. In the same pattern, the flow of the VITAL LIFEFORCE KNOWN AS QI (PRONOUNCED AS “CHEE”) is conducted by various invisible channels which consist of specific vital points, (meridians or acupuncture-pressure points). These channels and vital energy points control and maintain the flow of the life force QI (CHEE). There are 14 channels and about 361 meridians universally accepted by recognized acupuncture societies. Systemic therapeutically coordinated stimulations of these meridians remove blockages, balance the QI (“CHEE”) and thus cure the mental and physical disorders of the patients.

With advancement, research, and up-gradation, the therapy at Cosmic Home Healing Centre is armed by DMS: DIGITAL MERIDIAN SCANNER. With the digital computerized scanning of the acupuncture points, the final analysis, diagnosis, and treatment plan for the patients become more accurate and precise. The well-analyzed, pinpoint precision information enables the health practitioner to be able to make better decisions and provide the best treatment possible. This is a non-invasive test that takes only a few minutes for the patients.

NOTE: – ACUPRESSURE – This is a non-invasive treatment done by applying pressure on the meridian.

ACUPUNCTURE – This is a mildly invasive treatment wherein small thin needles are put on the specific meridians.

TENSE – This is an electronic device that gives very mild controlled electrical stimulation to a meridian. It can be done with both acupressure and acupuncture modalities. That is by noninvasive and mildly invasive methods.

Hundreds of patients with various obstinate clinical conditions have been treated and benefited from this science at our Center. By being free from their obstinate ailments, they have shown their gratitude, to the Centre and to the Noble science of vital energy points.

A few sittings with due attention to the treatment-seeking meridians can make your vital life force flow like a fresh energized and shining mountain stream in the presence of morning sun rays.



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