It is quite surprising and also to some extent alarming to see many people suffer from repeated cold and flu-like symptoms and the word Sinusitis is commonly used for such cases. To understand what sinusitis is we must first know what Sinuses are. Let us give you an insight on this in the simplest form… Continue reading Sinusitis


A breath of fresh air, clear of all impurities, is what a man needs for his well-being. Where can we get this breath of fresh air today? Along with the air we take in, come loads of viruses, pollutants, and other impurities of the surroundings which harm our system slowly and a stage comes when… Continue reading Bronchitis


It is very rightly said that when we own our breath nobody can steal our peace. We all need to breathe…it’s after all the secret of Life, hence imagine the state of a person when every breath for him or her is an effort & a moment of a fight for survival. Now, what exactly… Continue reading Asthama