Certain myths which commonly prevail regarding the homoeopathic system of medicines are

1) Myth: Homeopathy is very slow to act & of no use in chronic illness only –

Fact: Homeopathic medicines are equally fast acting & many times more effective.

2) Myth: Homeopathy is just sweet pills with placebo effect –

Fact: WHO has recognized Homeopathy as the second largest system of medicine. They are not placebos but are highly effective medicines.

3) Myth: Homeopathy & other Allopathic medicines cannot be taken together –

Fact: Homeopathy can be taken with allopathic medicines & they ultimately benefit the patient.

4) Myth: There are too many dietary restrictions to be followed while taking homeopathy –

Fact: Certain homoeopathic medicines require dietary restrictions, not for all the medicines.

5) Myth: Homeopathy cannot help surgical cases at all –

Fact: It can cure a many surgical cases.

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