Acne treatment: A homeopathic approach

Among the many problems faced by people, one of the common problems is that acne. This is most commonly seen in teenage girls and boys. Apart from adolescence age, this problem can also occur at a later stage. Something which is most commonly found in people of all ages is the delay in getting the right treatment for this problem. People usually feel that an acne problem will resolve in time without the need for any medication. This notion is false a visit to a qualified homeopathic doctor and the treatment path selected by him could increase the probability of addressing the issue of Acne once and for all.

Acne affects – Physical and mental

The effect of acne is not only physical but also harms a person mentally. This is because it causes a lack of confidence to move out, go with friends, share study groups with peers, etc. Homeopathic treatment for this problem can be the best option wherein the patient can be treated with minimal or no side –effects.

What is acne

It is considered to be a disease that involves oil glands present in the skin. Though not dangerous, it could leave visible scars on the skin. They appear generally on the individual’s neck, shoulders, chest, back, and face. Acne eruptions have been categorized into three types that depend on the severity and look.

  1. Simplex: The eruptions are smaller in size and are seen mostly on the face and could have a mid-bacterial infection.
  2. Vulgaris: These kinds of eruptions take place mostly in those areas having dense sebaceous follicles. It appears as inflammatory papules, nodules, and pustules.
  3. Rosacea: It is regarded to be a severe form, where the confluent pustules and red papules are viewed with a greater degree of redness, in the region of eruptions.

Causes & occurrence

  • Acne might occur not only among adolescents but also in adults between 30 and 35 years.
    A hereditary inborn trait is said to be the primary cause.
  • Sebaceous glands can begin to overreact to hormones, thus giving growth to blocked greasy skin and infected blackheads and pores.
  • Before the menstrual period starts, acne present in women and girls gets worse. Conditions such as PCOD also cause acne.
  • Mental stress, anxiety, night watching, lack of sleep, indignation, and anger can further worsen acne. Humid and hot climates also could lead to sweating and increase the eruptions, if cleanliness is not properly maintained. Several oil-based products such as lubricating lotions, moisturizing creams, and makeup containing oil could aggravate acne. Squeezing pimples could cause acne to worsen and scars to appear. Specific hair products are greasy and cause acne. Also, dandruff is a major factor, which could lead to fungal infection.

Homeopathic remedy to acne

Homeopathy is considered to be a wonderful remedy for treating acne and is being used for ages. Unlike allopathic medicines, homeopathic ones are safe and do not have any side effects. This acne treatment aims to take care of the precipitative and causative aspects and provides the best results.

  • The disturbed intestinal flora, accumulation of nitrogen wastes and constipation leads to outbreaks on the skin can be easily tackled by medicines such as Acid tannic, Granatum, Allium Sativa, and Natrum Phos.
  • Excessive perspiration and co-existing dandruff that are said to be part of the acne-prone skin are tackled perfectly with Thuja, Sanicula, Badiaga, etc.
  • The kind of acne and its location is also vital when prescribing the medicines. It is necessary to wash the face at least two times a day with mild soap and warm water. The skin should be not scrubbed.
  • Pimples should not be pressed or squeezed since it could push the infection and cause more swelling, redness, and also blocking.
  • Only a clean and soft cloth should be used for wiping the face. An experienced and well-known specialist is to be visited to get the desired medication and treatment.

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