Alopecia Areata Homeopathy Treatment For Hair Loss

– Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune disorder that usually results in sudden, unpredictable hair loss in one or more circular patches.

– It is usually noticed in scalp hair or in some cases in beard and mustaches in males and in eyebrows in females and sometimes in genital hair.

– At our Cosmic Homeo Healing Centre, under the able guidance of Dr. Mahavrat Patel, we have treated thousands of cases with permanent hair growth over affected area.

–  Out of many Homeopathic medicines, here we are putting few references of commonly used medicines, however, to achieve desired result, the Totality of Symptoms needed to be matched with the drug picture by thorough case taking with complete mental and physical symptoms.

1. FLOURIC ACID: Large patches of alopecia with dry brittle hair that tangles easily and breaks off. Matted ends of hair and the patient has to comb them frequently.

2. SELENIUM: Alopecia of scalp, beard, eyebrows and genitals. Hair fall while combing. Alopecia patches with itching of scalp.

3. ACID PHOS: Indicated in Alopecia with premature graying of hair in young people. Ailments due to grief or much stress.

4. PHOSPHORUS:  Hair fall in large bunches leaving round denuded patches on scalp. Severe itching of scalp with copious dandruff. Alopecia patches mainly of forehead and parietal region.

5. STAPHYSAGRIA: Alopecia patches mainly seen on occipital region or around ears. Alopecia with humid foetid dandruff of scalp.

6. MANCINELLA: Alopecia after acute diseases. Dermatitis of scalp with oozing of sticky serum and crust formation.

7. HELLEBORUS: Indicated in Alopecia of eyebrows and genitalia.

8. PLUMBUM MET: Alopecia with dry lusterless hair. Alopecia of beard and mustaches.

9. CANTHARIS:  Alopecia during pregnancy and lactation. Enormous dandruff with large scales of dandruff over scalp. 

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