Asthma and its treatment

People suffer from different kinds of diseases and ailments. Asthma is a disease which a person is born with. It is either genetic or poor immunity that causes it. It is basically a breathing problem which is caused due to the inflammation of the airways in our body. The muscle around the airway becomes so tight during asthma attacks that the lining of the passage swells. Thus, the amount of air that is taken in reduces.

What are the different symptoms of asthma?

There are different symptoms of asthma. Since the lungs swell up, shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing and chest tightness are common symptoms that are witnessed in these patients. It is true that asthma has no complete cure. The symptoms that are noticed in the case of asthma patients are often caused due to allergies or due to exposure to allergens. Thus, people having asthma problems need to stay away from dust mites, pet danger, mold or pollen. There are certain non-allergic triggers like pollution, smoke and cold-air which have deadly affects on asthma patients. When asthmatic patients suffer from cough and cold, their flare-ups is worse. They are also advised to stay away from over-exercising or too much stress.

How prevention is better than cure?

There are no permanent treatments for asthma. But, one can always try and prevent it from occurring and provide little relief to people with the problem. Carpets should be removed from bedrooms and they should not be too furry. They must be cleaned and vacuumed every day. Moulds should not be allowed to form. The humidity levels should be kept at an all-time low. If there is anybody in the house who is a smoker, then he should be requested to not light a smoke when the asthmatic person is in vicinity. These little steps can save a person’s life.

How can asthma be treated through Homeopathy – Know more

Homeopathic treatment is considered the best form of treatment because it takes time to cure the disease completely and is not for momentarily relief.

  • Homeopath treatment recognizes the various symptoms of the diseases and accordingly decides upon the treatment.
  • Factors like medical history, family history, psychological and physical problems and disorders are considered before treatment is imparted.
  • After detailed check-up the treatment is provided. People who take homeopathic medicines are able to recover from asthma problems up to 80%. They have all been highly benefitted.

The best part about homeopathic medicines is that they do not cause any side-effects as happens in the case of steroids or string medications. There are several homeopathic medicines which are considered wonder medicines for asthma treatment. But, the selection of medicine differs from patient to patient, depending on their case history and symptoms.

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