Best Homeopathic Treatment Of Stye

What is a style (Hordeolum)?

Stye is a pimple or an abscess that forms on the upper or lower eyelid. Sometimes the bacteria that normally live on the surface of your eyelid block an oil duct and it gets inflamed, or sometimes, germs and dead skin cells get trapped on the edge of your eyelid and the eyelid gets painfully swollen with a small collection of pus. In most cases, the cause of the infection is the Staphylococcus bacteria.

What is a Chalazion?

Sometimes, if the clogged gland that has caused stye, never gets cured, then there is a formation of hard scar tissues around it, the bursting pain goes away but a bump remains

What are types of styes?

  1. External stye: Usually the styes emerge along the outer edge of the eyelid, here inside the painful stye, the yellow pus is visible. As time passes, the pus is discharged and swelling goes away.

A few factors that cause external stye are:

  • Eyelash follicle infection: When there is an infection in the small holes of the skin of the edges of eyes, from which the eyelashes grow, stye develops.
  • Sebaceous gland infection: When the sebaceous (sebum producing) gland attached to the eyelash follicle gets an infection, the stye develops.
  • Apocrine gland infection: When the apocrine gland (Sweat gland that empties into the eyelash follicle) gets infected, the stye develops.

2. Internal stye: Usually they develop inside the eyelids and are more painful than an external stye. The most common cause of developing internal stye is an infection of the meibomian gland (that secretes the film-like coating to cover the whole eye.

What causes stye?

Usually, people in the adolescence age group commonly develop styes, but it may be seen in people of any age/ gender/ race/ religion.

Common risk factors of developing a stye are:

  • Not disinfect the contact lenses before putting them in your eyes.
  • Changing contact lens without thorough handwash.
  • Improper removal of eye make-up before going to bed.
  • Lack of nutrition.
  • Lack of sleep.

Best Homoeopathic Treatment for Stye:

Today in this blog, Cosmic Healing Health Center will be discussing the best remedies/treatment for Stye that is reasonable and worth getting treated. Having said this, let us share with you the treatment.

  1. Ferrum Phos:

The first stage of Stye is visible quickly and more firmly. To overcome this infection with homoeopathy treatment, the medication required is Ferrum Phos. It is known to be an effective therapy and the best remedy for the first stage of Stye. The symptoms of this stage are redness, pain, tenderness, and swelling. Hence, to relieve this problem, Ferrum Phos is the right medicine and treatment. This medicine also stops the progression of the Stye to a stage of pus formation.

2. Silicea:

It is the treatment occurring at the last stage of Stye with Pus in the eyes. It is known to be most painful and thus requires proper medication and care. The medicine and treatment suggested here are Silicea. It is an appropriate treatment that aids in getting the pus drained out and results in a proper outcome of the Stye problem. Silicea is a natural medicine that ensures no resultant nodule is left after the Stye is gone.

3. Staphysagria: Indicated in constantly recurring stye as a consequence of nervous exhaustion. Margins of lids are dry with hard lumps and the destruction of hair follicles. Tarsal tumours. Glands of lids enlarged, redness of eyes, tensive, tearing pains mainly towards evening.

4. Conium: The remedy is being taken into action when the intricate nodes are left behind the styes. The treatment is referred to as Indurated Styes that remains after an improper treatment is given to the patient. But with homoeopathic treatment, the ability to soften the style is possible, and it helps the marks disappear completely. One thing is sure with Conium homoeopathic treatment, Styes’ problem is cured, and the patients never get disappointed.

5. Euphrasia: It is the treatment for those Stye patients who have problems with extreme burning and watering eyes. The homoeopathic treatment here prescribed is Euphrasia. The outcome of the therapy is remarkable, and the patients are getting the best result. If there is an excess watering and burning sensation in the eyes, the prescribed medication and treatment are best and worth considering.

6. Pulsatilla: It is the treatment that is ideal for the Styles of upper lids. The consideration of this treatment is for the patients who are fond of eating fatty foods that help create and form these types of Stye. Hence, Pulsatilla is the suitable treatment set to get remedies for this problem.

7. Calcarea Fluor and Thuja: The treatment is known to be the best medicine for Styes. The symptom of this is that Stye has tumours on the eyelids. Calcarea Fluor and Thuja treatment is proven to be effective in removing tarsal tumours.

Similarly, there are multiple other types of homoeopathic treatments to get rid of the Stye problem, be it external/ internal/ chalazion/ recurrent. At Cosmic Homeo Healing Centre, we have a team of skilled and experienced doctors who are the best in treating these Stye problems by taking the detailed history after thorough case taking, matching them with the totality of symptoms and concluding the best suitable remedy. At Cosmic Homeo Healing Centre, under the able guidance of Dr Mahavrat Patel, we have treated many cases of various types of styes and given the patient permanent relief.

Role of Warm compress/ hot fomentation in treatment of stye:

  • compress held gently against the eye helps to ease symptoms and release pus more readily. The water that is used for hot fomentation should not be too hot. If applying the compress to someone else, a person should take special care to avoid it being too hot or applying too much pressure.

A person should hold the compress against the eye for 10–15 minutes, three or four times each day.

As soon as styes rupture, symptoms tend to improve rapidly. Not only does the compress ease the discomfort, but it may also encourage the pus to drain away.

Final Words:
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