Can Psoriasis Be Cured By Homeopathy?

es, psoriasis can be cured by homeopathy but all you need is a timely diagnosis and an effective treatment. When opting for psoriasis treatment in homeopathy, you need to keep in mind to chose a trusted and reputed clinic or doctor for carrying out the treatment.

What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is basically a chronic disorder of the skin which is usually characterised by white silvery patches or red patches that are scaly. Psoriasis might or might not be associated with tenderness and itching. It is not a life-threatening disease but it increases the chances of other health conditions like heart problems, diabetes, psoriatic arthritis and others. Thus, it becomes very important to go for proper psoriasis treatment.

Why Does it Occur?

Psoriasis occurs due to a rapid and excessive growth of the skin’s top most layer that is the epidermal layer. In general, the cells of the skin are shed and replaced with new cells within every 28 to 30 days. But in case of psoriasis, this shedding and replacement might occur as quick as within just 3 to 4 days. This is because of the fact of premature proliferation of the keratinocytes that are produced by the second layer of the skin that is the dermis. This results in the formation of the silvery or red patches along with skin exfoliation. It is an auto immune disease where the immune cells of one’s own body attacks the healthy skin cells of the body which results in rapid growth of skin cells leading to a thick skin along with excessive cells shedding. Though the exact cause of psoriasis is not known, there are some of the important triggering factors which are as listed below.

  • Skin infection due to bacteria or virus
  • Excessive stress
  • Environmental factors like sunburn or any other chemical burns
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol and too much smoking
  • Any cut or injury on the skin, bites of snakes or other insects
  • Use of certain medications

Symptoms to be Noted

Psoriasis cure in homeopathy is very much possible provided the diagnosis is correctly done and the symptoms are properly identified. Some of the common symptoms of psoriasis are as follows.

  • Occurrences of red patches on the skin that are covered by scales that are silvery
  • Very small scaling spots which is common in children
  • Dry and cracked skin which bleeds at times
  • Soreness of skin along with burning or itching sensation
  • Nails become thick, ridged and pitted
  • Joints become stiff and swollen (an indicator of psoriatic arthritis)

Homeopathic Solutions for Psoriasis

Psoriasis treatment in homeopathy can be quite effective and can deliver results within a short duration of time. Most importantly, homeopathy psoriasis treatment does not involve any kinds of side effects and hence the preferred choice for a lot of affected individuals. There are some specific medicines which are quite effective for psoriasis cure in homeopathy that are as mentioned below.

  • Arsenic Album is used for treatment of Psoriasis with silveryscales
  • Kali Ars is used at the time when psoriasis leaves the skin discoloured
  • Arsenic Iodatum is the homeopathic medicine used when the affected individuals shed large scales
  • Graphites Naturalis is effective when psoriasis results in cracked skin

So, if you are facing any kinds of problems with psoriasis, do not waste any more time and opt of psoriasis cure in homeopathy.

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