Corns and Callosities

CORNS AND CALLOSITIES WHAT IS CORN? Corn is a small, thick, round area of skin having hard canter surrounded by inflamed skin. It usually appears t less weight-bearing sites of feet such as toes and their tops and sides. Sometimes it may appear on weight-bearing areas too.  WHAT IS A CALLUS? A callus is a… Continue reading Corns and Callosities

Skin Allergies and Rashes in Children

In pediatrics in particular it is important to identify skin lesions; as such knowledge will enable us to recognize potentially significant systemic diseases, such as chicken pox, measles, lupus etc and reassure concerned parents. The skin serves as a critical barrier to infection and dehydration and as such it is important to keep in mind… Continue reading Skin Allergies and Rashes in Children


Eczema is a form of dermatitis where there is inflammation of the outer layer of the skin, it is characterized by the skin becoming dry, red, irritated and itchy. Eczema has been classified into various types and the commonest one is atopic eczema or also medically termed as atopic dermatitis. Other types of eczema include:… Continue reading Eczema


The time, from being diagnosed with psoriasis, till the remaining life of that individual the person goes through phases of different kinds of emotions ranging from anger, frustration, shame, indignation and in severe cases depression. What is PSORIASIS? Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory form of dermatitis usually lasting for many years with stages of remissions… Continue reading Psoriasis


Beautiful inside is Beauty reflected outside….. We all have come across this phrase many times, and it is true that beauty lies within, but sadly this is not accepted so easily in the society even today. Any imperfections in a person’s physical appearance are always critically judged and it results in the individual becoming a… Continue reading Leucoderma