Homeopathic Treatment for Hair Fall

What is Hair Fall?

Hair Fall can be defined as loss of hair in excess than the normal or failure of the Hair follicles in the scalp to grow new hair leading to the development of baldness gradually.

Hair fall is a common problem in both men and women. Millions of people are suffering from Hair fall problem, and when they think about how to control it, they get into the depression. Nowadays Hair fall, areata, Alopecia, premature greying, dandruff, brittleness, split ends, dry scalp is becoming major hair problems.

Some Facts about Hair:

1. Hair is far more than it appears.

2. Most people have about 1, 00,000 Hairs on the scalp.

3. Scalp Hair grows in cycles and has different phases, and every strand of Hairs experiences through various phases before falling out like a stage of growth, stagnation and ending with Hair fall.

4. Some amount of Hair is fallen and is around 50-100 strands per day is normal.

Homeopathic for Hair fall

Homeopathy is gaining worldwide recognition as a powerful and natural way to slow down hair fall. It has many different causes such as age, illness, genetics and medications may all play a role. No matter what’s causing your hair to thin, there is the homeopathic treatment which helps you to slow down hair fall, stimulate the scalp and promote new hair growth.

3 Phases of Hair Fall

Human hair naturally grows in below three phases

1. Anagen (Active Growth)

Anagen is the active growth stage of hair follicles during which the root part of the hair is dividing rapidly, adding to the hair shaft. During this phase, the hair grows about 1 cm in every 28 days. Scalp hair stays in the active phase of growth for 2–8 years; this period is genetically determined. At the end of this phase, an unknown signal causes the follicle to go into the catagen phase.

2. Catagen (Transition or Regression)

The catagen phase is a transition stage that occurs at the end of the anagen phase. It indicates that it is the end of the active hair growth. This phase lasts for 2–3 weeks while the hair changes to a club hair. A club hair is formed during this phase when the part of the hair follicle in contact with the lower part of the hair becomes attached to the hair shaft. The process cuts the hair off from its blood supply and from the cells that produce hair. When a club hair is fully formed, about a 2-week process, the hair follicle enters the telogen phase.

3. Telogen (Resting)

The telogen phase is the resting of the hair follicle. When the body is subjected to extreme stress, as much as 60-70 percent of hair can prematurely enter the telogen phase and begin to fall, causing a noticeable loss of hair. This condition is called telogen effluvium. The club hair is the final product of a hair follicle in this stage and is a dead, fully keratinized hair. 50-100 hair is shed daily from a healthy scalp.

Hair fall problem occurs when the growth cycle of the follicle is disrupted – triggered by genetic predisposition coupled with physical or emotional damage. The follicle begins to shrink, producing thinner and thinner hair day by day. Eventually, the hair falls out and does not grow back.

Homeopathic Medicines help to Get Back your Lost Hair

Hair Fall

Homeopathic treatment has a good scope and can aid regrowth of hair and Stop your hair fall problems. Homeopathic medicines stimulate the hair roots to promote regrowth. The Homeopathy medicines used to aid hair regrowth are all of the natural elements, and therefore, it is safe for use among all age groups. The best part of Homeopathic medicine is the absence of any related toxic side effects.

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Homeopathic Treatment for Hair Fall

Homeopathic Treatment for Hair Fall

As Hair fall is a multifactorial and is affected by a large number of factors and each individual’s Hair and Hair follicle are different and so same techniques, and same treatment for all the persons with Hair fall does not work. Unnatural hair fall indicates some underlying condition which needs to be balanced in body healing mechanisms at the physical and mental levels.

At CHHC treatment is based on individualization. Every individual with Hair fall is studied in depth, and proper analyzation is done to find the root cause and targeted to rectify the fault at root cause level to strengthen the Hair with the minimum reduction of hair fall and regain healthy Hair growth.

1. Highly indicated medicine like Thallium, Carbo veg are helpful in correcting the hair fall after a debilitating illness.

2. Underlying conditions like dermatitis and dandruff are covered well with Sanicula and Mezereum.

3. Use of intercurrent, deep acting medicines is done to tackle the genetic tendencies and to improve the balance in the body.

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