Homeopathy Helps Address Post-Viral Fatigue

Have you ever wonder, why does your body continuous feel weak and tired after a viral fever? However the same might not stand if the issue is based on bacterial infection leading to fever! Why is the difference?

Well basically when anyone have Viral Fever, whether is COVID, SARS, MARS or something else, always remember that the fever put continuous strain on your lungs specially alveoli, pushing them to over function. One critical understanding that anyone who had viral fever must have seen the shifting phase from pain in the body, to high temperature, to loosing taste and finally high possibility of pneumonia are some of the common notion. This strain and shifting phase always ends up draining your vitamins in the body because of the over work your internal defense system has to do, in order to protect your body from succumbing to the virus. This is known as post viral fatigue or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Let’s take a look at what it is and how and why homeopathy can help!

What is Post-Viral Fatigue or (CFS) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Chronic fatigue syndrome is an incapacitating illness with many victims throughout the world especially after the impact of the global pandemic. However, the existence of this syndrome has been there for centuries. Over the years this condition has been called different names including among other things post-viral fatigue syndrome, neurasthenia, and myalgic encephalitis (ME). There are an estimated 1.5 billion people in the world who are affected by this syndrome the cause of which is largely unknown. The main symptoms of post-viral fatigue or CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) are severe and debilitating fatigue, both mental and physical. In some cases the fatigue can be persistent while in some cases it might come and go but will have lasted at least four months before a diagnosis can be made. The extent of this fatigue is long lasting that it is not possible to be relieved by rest.  This post-viral fatigue is accompanied by a myriad of mental and physical symptoms.  Physical symptoms include muscle pains, pains in the joint, a sore throat, dizziness, headache, flu-like symptoms or difficulty regulating one’s body temperature. Mental symptoms include poor concentration and short-term memory; which often results in depression for the person affected. People suffering from the post-viral fatigue often complain of disturbed sleep and the fatigue usually worsen in few days after increased physical or mental activity which in turn can be a prolonged issue.  Infections or immunizations may also happen at a rapid pace that can result in worsening of the post-viral fatigue. Many people also become completely intolerant of alcohol. While no single cause of post-viral fatigue or CFS has been identified there are known triggers that has been discovered overtime with thorough medical research. These are often infections particularly glandular fever caused by the Epstein Barr virus. A fatigue state may be brought on if a person has insufficient rest during an infection or sometimes if fever suppressant drugs are used. Less common triggers include major trauma and operations, vaccinations and organophosphate pesticides. There is wide debate as to the causes of post-viral fatigue or CFS but as of yet no perfect experimental tests exist to confirm the diagnosis. What is known is that it is commonly associated with a respiratory or gastrointestinal viral infection and is related to a resulting abnormality in the immune system, which is seen by some as being in a state of over activity. There is some evidence that the mitochondria (parts of the cell which provide energy) in muscles of patients with post-viral fatigue or CFS are also abnormal. Post-viral fatigue can have a huge impact on those suffering from the condition, as they are often severely limited in their ability to carry out normal activities of daily living including work, household duties, social and sporting pastimes. The severity of post-viral fatigue is defined by the degree to which the condition affects a person’s functioning and daily life. This is quite simply mild, moderate or severe. With mild post-viral fatigue people are mobile, can care for themselves and may be able to work, although they will often need a whole weekend to rest. At the severest end of the scale sufferers are unable to do any activity for themselves, may spend most of their time in bed, have severe cognitive problems and are often wheelchair dependent. To ensure a proper treatment approach can be materialized and laid on to Homeopathy brings in two dimensional approaches in treating post-viral fatigue they are through medicinal consideration along with a health dietary plan.

Homeopathy Approach to Treating Post-Viral Fatigue

The introspection across Post-Viral Fatigue clearly highlights how it impacts people. In order to provide a compact resolution let’s take a look at how homeopathy can play a part in treating Post-Viral Fatigue. However, as a homeopathy treatment center we believe it is important for our patient to know that Post-Viral Fatigue is not an easy illness to treat, so to ensure transparency we do not promise an instant cure. However we would request our patient to remain positive, since our homeopathic repertory consists of more than 900 homeopathic medicines related to Post-Viral Fatigue. So choosing the right one is not easy, especially as the main symptom is often fatigue that worsens with any kind of exertion.

To ensure our patient get treated positively with homeopathic approach we focus on definite diagnosis of Post-Viral Fatigue. This allows us to choose the correct medicine that even though takes time to find based on medical history and condition of an individual but ensure complete recovery and treatment for the patient.  Below highlighted are examples of a few medicines that are more commonly used in Post-Viral Fatigue, based on different symptom that we have come across in patient:

Gelsemium: The symptoms of Post-Viral Fatigue that showcases weakness with drowsiness, dizziness, dullness and trembling along with muscle aches with heaviness and weakness.  Further, there can be tremors and twitching of the muscles. In such a scenario the patient might have a dull heaviness in the head and have blurred vision, feel worse in damp, cold weather and mentally be dull with a lot of anxiety. In these types of symptom Homeopathy can treat a patient with Gelsemium, in order to ensure that the symptoms are better for profuse urination.

Kali phosphoricum: This is one of the widely used remedies for Post-Viral Fatigue, especially if the Post-Viral Fatigue happens after influenza.  The mental symptoms of in these types of Post-Viral Fatigue are anxiety with depression, insomnia and nightmares. The anxiety may present as a fear of crowds and agoraphobia or in some cases as loss of memory. Further in such cases Post-Viral Fatigue can result in muscle weakness, aches and pains, which can all worsen with exercise. The symptoms can be improved with sleep, eating and gentle movement. A suitable dose of Kali phosphoricum might be 6c twice daily, where the dosage can be reduced with improvement.

Mercurius solubilis: Also known in the abbreviated form Merc sol, this is often a good remedy for acute glandular fever (caused by the Epstein-Barr virus). If those symptoms become more chronic and result in Post-Viral Fatigue, then Merc sol may still be a good medicine to give. The patient may have a persistent sore throat with enlarged cervical lymph nodes (glands) and have a lot of salivation. They may also be sensitive to both heat and cold. Insomnia with great restlessness at night and nightmares may also be a feature. The muscle pains will be deep with tender bones. In these types of cases Kali phosphoricum can result in loss of memory and poor recall of names, hence it is better to use Mercurius Solubilis for such patient.

Phosphoric acid & other “acid” remedies: Weakness and exhaustion is a feature common to all patients that requires “acid” remedies. The usage of Phosphoric acid is targeted to overcome the nervous exhaustion first, followed by the physical. It is usually a remedy provided to someone who has Post-Viral Fatigue after suffering from a viral illness. The patient may be listless, apathetic – even sullen – find it difficult to cope and suffering depression as well as very sensitive, to music. The patient’s physical symptoms may include looking worn-out, pale and thin, and they may have blue rings round the eyes along with feeling chilly with a poor appetite while being very thirsty. In such a scenario acid remedies include Picric acid, Muriatic acid and Sulphuric acid. Exhaustion is the common feature of these acid remedies.  The exhaustion in these remedies may have been preceded by over activity, and every exhaustion different acidic remedies are selected for example: mental exhaustion treatment using Picric acid, the emotional exhaustion treatment using Phosphoric acid and the physical exhaustion treatment using Muriatic acid. This clearly indicates that for Post-Viral Fatigue understanding symptoms and root cause of exhaustion is extremely important for treatment of patient using homeopathy approach.

These are just handful approaches from available 900+ remedies in homeopathy for Post-Viral Fatigue. However, the treatment process in homeopathy goes hand in hand with proper nutrition diet people need to follow. If a proper nutritional diet can be maintained by the people along with treatment process and approach signified by your homeopath doctor, then within few months patient will surely overcome their Post-Viral Fatigue syndrome.  

So if you are suffering from Post-Viral Fatigue please get in touch with us, we would be very happy to help you.

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