Homeopathy Treatment for Avascular Necrosis

The death of bone tissue that appears due to a lack of blood supply is called Avascular necrosis. Another name for this disease is osteonecrosis. With this, it leads to the breaking of tiny bones, and these bones eventually collapse.

Further, a broken bone or dislocated joint interrupts the overall blood circulation. It is only to a section of bone. Another reason this medical issue occurs is due to the undertaking of steroids and alcohol. The usual age for this problem is between 30 and 50. So, it is necessary to have proper treatment and care taken at the earlier stage itself. 

Let us proceed further and understand the symptoms of this disease. As they say for every problem there is a solution. Similarly, for Avascular necrosis the best treatment is Homeopathic.


It is observed that in the early stage, people are not able to figure out the early stages of avascular necrosis. The condition gets worsens, only when some weight is being put on it. This affects the joint and the pain gets to an extreme level. Not only while standing the pain can be known, but when we are lying down at that time too the pain is felt.

With the passing of time, the development of the pain increases gradually. The pain of avascular necrosis is associated with the hip center. This might be at the center of the groin, thigh, or buttock. 

Not only this but this pain can likely affect the shoulder, knee, hand, and foot. It is also observed in some cases that Avascular necrosis pain is on both sides. Both sides are either on both hips or on both knees.


The main cause of this problem occurs only when the blood flow is reduced or interrupted to a bone. Here are the reasons that cause this problem.

  • Joint or Bone Trauma.
  • Fatty Deposits in Blood Vessels
  • Certain Diseases

Homeopathic Treatment for Avascular Necrosis

Let us take an understanding of having homepathic treatment for avascular necrosis.

  • Syphilinum: It is the best and most helpful treatment for bone necrosis. It is useful for the bone pains that increase and are experienced during night hours. There is a specific pattern that is viewed in this treatment, that has its own pros and cons. This is in terms of appearance and disappearance.
  • Silicea: This is a very useful homeopathic treatment for necrosis. It is meant to be the premature death of cells. It can occur in both types of bones that are ranging from small to long bones.
  • Fluoric Acid: The best treatment that is taken for long bones. The set of bones that are treated includes the humerus, femur, and tibia. Useful to halt the necrosis appearing in long bones. There is excess body heat and the external heat worsens the condition. 
  • Aurum Metallicum: This is the treatment that is useful for necrosis in nasal and palatine bone. It is useful in the pain that arises at the night. This further continues with an offensive odor from the mouth and nose. It also continues with extreme pain. It is further useful when the patient may be at the level of extreme depression with a high degree of sadness.
  • Natrum Sulph: Very useful in AVN of the hip joint. Useful for pain gets worse during motion or when stooping and so on.

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