Homeopathy Treatment for Heel Pain by Dr. Mahavrat Patel

What is Heel Pain?

Heel pain as can be understood from the name is the pain occurring in the heels of individuals including the feet and the toes. It becomes very difficult for the affected individuals to stand for a long duration of time or walk smoothly. Appropriate and timely treatment is necessary to get relieved from this condition.

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Causes of Heel Pain

The major causes of heel pain are as follows.

  • Plantar fasciitis is one of the major causes of heel pain which is basically the inflammation of the tissue band called plantar fascia which connects the toes and the heel bone at the bottom of the feet of human beings.
  • Heel spur which is an abnormal bony growth taking place at the bottom of the heel is another cause of heel pain.
  • Achilles tendinitis is another of the important cause of heel pain where the tissue band called achilles tendon connecting the calf muscle in the back of the leg with the heel bone is inflamed.
  • Heel pain can also be caused due to rheumatoid arthritis and also from gout where the levels of uric acid is high which gets deposited in different joints of the body.

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic treatment for heel pain is readily preferred by many due to its high effectiveness and most importantly the homeopathic medicines are devoid from any kinds of serious side effects. Dr. Mahavrat Patel’s Homeopathic Clinic is one of the leading providers of homeopathic treatment to acute heel pain. At the clinic, the most effective and appropriate homeopathic medicines are administered to the affected individuals depending upon the cause of the heel pain.

  • Pulsatilla and Rhus Tox are given to the patients with heel pain resulting from plantar fasciitis.
  • Calcarea Fluor and Aranea Diadema are the two of the homeopathic medicines for the effective treatment of heel pain arising from spurs.
  • Ruta, Rhus Tox and Ledum Pal are very much suitable when the heel pain results from achilles tendinitis.
  • At the time when the heel pain is caused by arthritis Bryonia and Rhus Tox are the top grade homeopathic medicines used at the clinic.
  • Finally, if gout is the cause of heel pain, the effective homeopathic medicines used are Lycopodium and Colchicum.
Homeopathic Tratment for Heel Pain-CHHC-Dr Mahavrat Patel

So, to get the most efficient and effective treatment for heel pain, do not waste any more time and come to Dr. Mahavrat Patel’s Homeopathic Clinic.

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