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Lichen planus refers to an inflammatory disorder which gives rise to lesions in the mouth or the oral cavity, skin and the genitals. These lesions actually occur in rows of clusters that are usually flat topped raised and dark in appearance. Oral lichen planus occurs inside the mouth or the oral cavity which appears as white patches or just as web like thread inside the cheek of the affected individuals.

Symptoms of Oral Lichen Planus

Focusing on the symptoms of oral lichen planus is necessarily an important part of the treatment procedure. A few major symptoms of oral lichen planus are as listed below.

  • Formation of lesions inside the mouth
  • Usually the eruptions are formed in rows or clusters that have flat tops with the diameter of a few millimetres
  • Formation of white patches inside the oral cavity and at times they might be reddish in colour or shiny in appearance
  • Sensation of burning pain in the mouth
  • Mouth becomes dry with a metallic taste or a quite blunted taste sensation

Homeopathic Treatment of Oral Lichen Planus at CHHC

The use of modern medicines actually finds very little help for lichen planus. The conventional treatment uses dapsone, antihistamines, tropical and systemic steroids. But the use of these medicines over a long period of time can give rise to a number of side effects This is exactly where homeopathic treatment comes to the rescue of the affected individuals. This alternative medicine offers a very promising treatment for oral lichen planus.

Homeopathic treatment for oral lichen planus OLP at CHHC targets the psycho somatic nature of the disorder which not only cures the body but also the mind as well thereby providing the users with long lasting results. One of the best parts of homeopathic treatment is that is prevent relapses in the future and most importantly, the treatment is free from any kinds of side effects. This is exactly the reason as to why homeopathic treatment is considered to offer a much better cure as compared to other forms of medicines.

The most common drug used in case of treatment of oral lichen planus is Ignatia. The treatment so conducted by the doctors at CHHC is usually different from one affected individual to the other. It actually depends on the condition of the affected individual. Another very common homeopathic medicine used in the treatment of oral lichen planus is Borax. Plantago and Merc Sol are the other two important medicines which are used for treating the eruptions in mouth as well as the tongue. So, at any point of time, you are affected by oral lichen planus, do not waste any more time and come to CHHC for the most effective homeopathic treatment in this regard.

Self Care for Oral Lichen Planus

Self care for oral lichen planus is of immense importance along with the homeopathic treatment so as to offer the best results. It is quite essential to properly monitor the diet in an addition to the homeopathic treatment for the disease. Here we have listed a few of the proven self care tips for effective treatment for oral lichen planus.

  • Eating a very well balanced diet with the primary focus on fresh fruits as well as raw vegetables
  • It is better to avoid spicy foods or caffeinated drinks like coffee and colas
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol
  • Regular visit to the dentists for a complete oral examination
  • Follow stress relieving methods and practice yoga or meditation

Thus, it can be very well understood that a strategic combination of effective homeopathic treatment along with a few self care measures can provide the best treatment to oral lichen planus.

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