How Homeopathy Helps in Pediatric Bronchitis

What is Bronchitis in Children?

  • Bronchitis is an inflammation of the large breathing tubes (bronchi) in the lungs. The illness can be short-term (acute) or long-term (chronic). Acute bronchitis means that the symptoms often develop quickly and don’t last long. Most cases are mild.
  • Acute bronchitis is a clinical syndrome produced by inflammation of the trachea, bronchi, and bronchioles. In children, acute bronchitis usually occurs in association with viral lower respiratory tract infection.
  • Acute bronchitis begins as a respiratory tract infection that manifests as the common cold. Symptoms often include coryza, malaise, chills, slight fever, sore throat, and back and muscle pain.
  • Chronic bronchitis is often caused by bacteria.

What causes acute bronchitis in a child?

  • Acute bronchitis is generally caused by respiratory infections; approximately 90% are viral in origin, and 10% are bacterial.
  •  Acute bronchitis is most often caused by a viral infection. The illness may develop after a cold or other viral infection in the nose, mouth, or throat (upper respiratory tract). Such illnesses can spread easily from direct contact with a person who is sick.
  •  Industrial pollution is also a common cause; however, the chief culprit is heavy long-term cigarette smoke exposure. It may also be caused by things such as dust, allergens, strong fumes.
  •  Rarely, a child’s bronchitis can become chronic, meaning it lasts for about a month or more. Chronic bronchitis may be caused by repeated attacks of acute bronchitis, which can weaken and irritate bronchial airways over time, eventually resulting in chronic bronchitis. Chronic bronchitis is often caused by bacteria.

Which children are at risk for bronchitis?

Children who have a higher chance of developing acute bronchitis are those who have:

  • Chronic sinusitis
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Enlarged tonsils and adenoids
  • Exposure to secondhand smoke
  • Other causes include the following:
  • Chronic aspiration or gastroesophageal reflux
  • Fungal infection
  • The incidence of acute bronchitis is equal in males and females. The incidence of chronic bronchitis is difficult to state precisely because of the lack of definitive diagnostic criteria and the considerable overlap with asthma. However, in recent years, the prevalence of chronic bronchitis has been reported to be consistently higher in females than in males.
  • Acute (typically wheezy) bronchitis occurs most commonly in children younger than 2 years, with another peak seen in children aged 9-15 years. Chronic bronchitis affects people of all ages but is more prevalent in persons older than 45 years.

What are the symptoms?

  • Dry or mucus-filled cough
  • Vomiting or gagging
  • Runny nose, often before a cough starts
  • Chest congestion or pain
  • An overall body discomfort or not feeling well
  • Chills
  • Slight fever
  • Back and muscle pain
  • Wheezing
  • Sore throat

These symptoms often last 7 to 14 days. But the cough may continue for 3 to 4 weeks.

How Homeopathy helps?

Homoeopathy has an excellent scope in the treatment of acute episodes of allergic bronchitis. For the children suffering from bronchitis, homeopathy is a blessing. It helps in reducing the number of attacks, the duration of acute attacks, and the intensity of attacks. It also reduces the dependency on inhaled cortisone and other bronchodilators. Various medicines are available for the treatment with good success. Homeopathic medicines cure bronchitis at the immunological level by correcting the hypersensitivity and by improving the healing capacity of the immune system. These medicines are gentler and do not leave any residual symptoms/ any side effects. Recurrent episodes are also manageable with constitutional medicines which are prescribed after taking detailed history of the patient. Homeopathic medicines not only prevent further episodes but also treat other coexisting allergies and prevent asthma.

Few Homeopathic medicines that are very helpful in curing Allergic Bronchitis of Children are mentioned below, however one should consult a Homeopath before starting the medicines as the Totality of Symptoms should match with the drug picture to achieve complete cure and a Homeopath helps in finding the correct medicine (remedy).

  1. Antimonium Tart.:  Can be ranked on the top for treatment of bronchitis of children. The patient has loud rattling of mucus in chest with bronchial tubes overloaded with mucus, yet very little is expectorated. The symptoms are more or less always associated with drowsiness, debility and profuse sweat. Dyspnea (breathlessness) better with eructation and by lying on right side.
  2. Carbo Vegetabilis: There is spasmodic/ whooping cough with itching at larynx, deep, rough/ hoarse voice that is aggravated in evening and after talking. There is severe breathlessness which is relieved alongside open windows and after fanned fast. The patient is worn out and faints easily. Spasmodic cough with face turns blue after coughing. Indicated in bronchitis occurring in warm damp weather.
  3. Kali carb:      The patient is extremely sensitive to any atmospheric change and develops bronchitis, also there is severe intolerance of cold weather. Indicated in bronchitis occurring at commencement of winter. Breathlessness occurs typically early in the morning (around 3 a.m.). Symptoms are associated with weakness and sweat. The patient has dryness of larynx with stitching pains with scanty and tenacious expectoration.
  4. Bryonia:        Indicated in bronchitis occurring in hot weather. The patient has dry hacking cough from irritation and dryness in upper trachea. Dyspnoea aggravated on least movement and warm weather. The patient is constantly thirsty demanding for water. The patient has tough and scanty/ nil mucus. The patient is always angry and irritated by nature.
  5. Lycopodium:           Indicated in bronchitis associated with digestive disturbances. Dyspnoea with tickling cough mostly during night. Tensive, constrictive and burning pains in chest. Mainly indicated in bronchitis of infants where chest is full of mucus. Expectoration is salty, thick and grayish in colour. Loud rales are heard on examination.
  6. Ipecac:          Mucous with sibilant (hissing sound) rales mainly in children. Indicated in yearly attacks of bronchitis. Incessant and violent attacks of suffocative cough with every breathe where the face turns blue and child becomes stiff. Indicated in periodic bronchitis occurring every year in hot humid weather. Mainly indicated in fat children who catches cold and cough in warm, moist weather. Indicated in rattling cough with bloody sputum after slightest exertion. Hoarseness of voice ended in complete aphonia after cold. Coughing is always associated with persistent nausea and vomiting.
  7. Natrum Sulph:         Indicated bronchitis developed after living in damp cellars where bronchitis is worse in rainy weather. The patient is so sensitive that any minute change from dry to humid weather is felt by the patient. There is loud rattling in chest with thick, ropy and greenish mucus, coughing mainly during 4-00 to 5-00 a.m. Can be used as a constitutional remedy for children who are suffering from recurrent episodes of bronchitis.
  8. Phosphorus:           Indicated in bronchitis of tall, rapidly growing young children. Violent tickling in larynx with every attempt to speak that causes pain and dry, racking cough that is aggravated from cold exposure, laughing, on going from warm room into cold air and in the evening. The whole body trembles while coughing with feeling of much heat in chest. Also indicated in nervous coughs provoked by strong odors, entrance of a stranger; worse in the presence of strangers. Great susceptibility to external impressions, to light, sound, odors, touch, electrical changes, thunder-storms.
  9. Hyoscyamus:          Indicated in suffocative fits of dry, spasmodic cough that is aggravated on lying down and patient is forced to sit up and bend forward to get relief. Cough mainly during night. Cough mainly after eating. Cough is often associated with muscular twitching and tremulous weakness.

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