Let Homeopathy Take Care of You During Monsoon

After the scorching heat of the summer, the monsoon is simply welcomed by all. The rains provide us with great relief but at the same time, it takes a toll on the health of the skin. This creates a lot of problems and difficulties for us. This is the ultimate reason as to why the necessity of caring for the skin arises during the monsoon season.

Common Problems of the Skin During Monsoon

Some of the most common skin problems that arise during the monsoon are as listed below.

  • Infections – Infections of the skin are most common during the monsoons. The infections are both fungal as well as bacterial. The common infections include acne, facial folliculitis and ringworm. This is due to the fact of high humidity in the hair which causes excess sweating, photo toxic effects of the sun, and dehydration.
  • Hyperhidrosis – It is actually excessive sweating particularly in the palms, armpits, face, soles of the feet, torso and the scalp. These conditions worsen during the monsoons resulting in body odour and other infections.
  • Patchy Uneven Skin or Pigmentation – Hyperpigmentation is common during the monsoons which is featured by the darkening of a particular area of the skin as a result of excess production of melanin.
  • Allergies – Allergies of the skin are extremely common during the rainy season which is characterised usually by rashes which might be itchy as well.

Skin Care Tips During Monsoons

Skin Care Tips During Monsoons

A few important skin care tips that are to be followed during the rainy season for effectively protecting the skin from a number of common problems of the monsoons are as enumerated below.

  • First of all, it is of immense importance to thoroughly cleanse the skin for the effective removal of all of the impurities that can invade through the dirty rain water. Proper cleansing keeps the bacteria, fungus and other problem causing elements at bay.
  • Use of sunscreen is almost a mandate for the prevention of the UV rays of the sun to cause harm to the skin.
  • Bathing properly is of a great help in the prevention of a number of skin conditions that are particularly common during the monsoons.
  • It is essential to allow your feet to breathe properly. It is better to avoid wearing closed footwear which will otherwise accumulate dirty rain water resulting in bacterial or fungal infections. Wearing waterproof footwear that allows air circulation would be ideal.
  • Sweating is a common affair during the monsoons and hence staying hydrated is necessary which helps the skin have enough moisture thereby preventing it from looking dull or pale.

Homeopathic Treatment for Skin During Monsoons by CHHC

Cosmic Homeo Healign Centre certainly offers the best homeopathic treatment for skin disorders and that too without any kinds of side effects. The results are also quick which is the ultimate reason as to why CHHC is the most preferable choice when it comes to treatment for skin disorders especially in the rainy season. Homeopathic medicines take a very good care of you at the time of the monsoons from the common problems that come up. These medicines play a crucial role in dealing with a number of skin related problems during the rainy season. The most common medicines used in this regard are as mentioned below.

  • Graphites – This medicine is a remedy for a wide range of skin diseases with the symptoms of dry as well as patchy skin.
  • Sulphur – It is best remedy for treating acne, eczema psoriasis etc.
  • Thuja Occidentalis – This homeopathic medicine is highly effective in the treatment of warts freckles acne and dry skin.
  • Cantharis – It is used in curing sunburns, insect bites and eruptions on the skin.
  • Arsenicum – It is used for the treatment of skin allergies with itching and burning sensation.
  • Psoronium – This is the appropriate homeopathic medicine for skin rashes as well as itching.
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