Monsoon Diarrhoea

  • What is diarrhea:

As per World Health Organisation (WHO), diarrhea is defined as 3 or more watery/ loose stools within the time span of 24 hours.

  • What are the main causes?

Usually, towards the end of summer and early rainy season, episodes of diarrhea are common; such diarrhea is also called seasonal diarrhea. In India, Diarrhoea is a major public health problem in children under 5 years of age.

The main factors that cause diarrhea are:

  • Unhygienic living conditions.
  • Using non-potable drinking water
  • Poor nutrition
  • Ingestion of faecal contaminated water or food, and direct contact with infected faeces.
  • Using infant feeding bottles, they easily become contaminated with fecal bacteria and are difficult to clean. This increases the risk of contamination.
  • Storing cooked food at room temperature. When food is cooked and then saved to be used later, it may easily be contaminated, for example, by contact with contaminated surfaces or containers.
  • Failure to wash hands properly after defecation, after disposing of faeces or before handling food.
  • Immunity of a person: people will lower immunity catch infections more easily than people with good immunity.
  • Management of diarrhea:

General management is to keep the body hydrated. Oral Rehydration Therapy is advised to maintain water and electrolyte balance. The treatment of patients with diarrhoea must be based on the major features of the disease and an understanding of the underlying pathogenetic mechanisms.

  • Homeopathic treatments:
    Here are a few advantages of taking Homeopathic Treatment for Monsoon Diarrhoea:
  • Homeopathic remedies do not disturb the normal flora (good bacterias) of the intestines.
  • Doesn’t disturb the liver and treats the amebic infection (Mardo/ Dysentery) effectively.
  • The taste of the mouth doesn’t become bitter or metallic and remains normal.
  • Weakness, loss of appetite, and gases/ flatulence recover faster.
  • Leg cramps and colicky pain recover faster.

At Cosmic Homeo Healing Center, after taking the detailed history of the patient, the symptoms are thoroughly matched with the drug picture and the exact remedy is administered to the patient. Homeopathic medicines are ultra-diluted potentized (energized) micro medicines that are safe and effective. The medicines boost the immune system of the body, and thus they are very efficacious against various pathogenic micro-organisms that cause diarrhoea. At Cosmic Homeo Healing Centre, we assure our patients to provide the best treatment that helps them build their inner strength and beat the disease with a great smile and recovery.

Here, we are quoting some very popular homeopathic medicines that are found effective in the treatment of monsoon diarrhea.

  1. Alstonia
  2. Veratrum Alb
  3. Ars Alb
  4. Merc Cor
  5. Trombidium

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