Muscle Stimulation

Muscle-stimulation therapy has been used for many years now. It is a technique that can aid the muscles in healing as well as relieve pain. When there is muscle pain due to injury, illness or lack of muscle movement, muscle-stimulation therapy can give relief and increase muscle activity.

Low frequency muscle stimulator is a computerized well customized muscle stimulator which also stimulates nerves, muscles and nerve roots.

It helps in curing various spondylitis,brings back or helps in regaining lost muscle tone, burns subcutaneous fat and hence is a great tool for shaping parts of the body mainly abdomen,hips,thighs,arms and shoulders.

There are many other benefits associated with muscle-stimulation therapy. This form of treatment is usually prescribed to provide relief for chronic pain as well as to help control muscle spasms. It is known to prevent muscle atrophy. It has also been found to reverse signs of atrophy from disuse of the muscle. It increases blood circulation, retrains muscles on how to function properly and increases range of motion as well as helps to maintain it.

When circulation is increased to the muscles, they are more pliable. There is less swelling, which can reduce pain & provide considerable relief to patient.

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