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Homeopathic remedies along with holistic treatments for slimming are gaining more recognition as they are effective, without any side effect & can be used with any other existing medication a patient is taking.

The well established homeopathic system uses natural products for the purpose. Homeopathic medicines boost the metabolism & balance the digestive system of one’s body thus regulating the weight of that person.

Unlike many other slimming drugs, homeopathic remedies are prescribed with the individualistic approach & each medicine is beneficial for a particular unique patient. An overweight individual who is not able to control his appetite requires different medicine from another person who has sustained his cravings but has a slow metabolism.

Hence it is the underlying cause which needs to be tackled first to control weight & it is only when this correction is obtained that we can see results in a patient.

The holistic approach includes:

  • Acupressure points for boosting metabolic rate & arresting appetite for binge eating.
  • Low frequency muscle stimulator helps in locally stimulating the fat cells to metabolize & disintegrate & helps
    in toning of the muscles.
  • Massage with special oils also helps in breaking down the cellulite & toning of muscles.

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