• Do you / your partner suffer from noisy breathing during sleep? Do you know it’s snoring? Yes, Snoring is nothing but noisy breathing made due to the presence of any obstruction/ blockage in the airway that causes vibrations in the soft tissues of the nose, mouth, and throat creating a harsh sound of snoring.
  • Do you want to blow your nose constantly? It may be because of the obstructed airway that gives you difficulty breathing through the nose. Children with obstructed airways are noticed sitting with their mouth open and breathing through the mouth- this may be due to enlarged adenoids/ tonsils/ both. You may feel drowsy and sleepy all the time with poor concentration on your work. Many people with sleep apnoea having obstructed nose have a tendency to sleep in between conversations/ during meetings.
  • Well, these are signs you should opt for the treatment of snoring. Snoring may lead to strain on your heart, high blood pressure, and a higher risk of stroke. Snoring causes poor oxygen levels in your body which gives you fatigue all throughout the day and you don’t feel fresh. A recent study shows that people who tend to snore may develop Type-2 Diabetes.
  • Have you ever thought of “What causes Snoring?” here are a few for your knowledge:
    • Allergies, colds, flu, irritants/ pollutants present in the air that you breathe and sinus infections create blockage in the nasal cavity.
    • Deviated Nasal Septum.
    • Nasal Polyps.
    • Chronic rhinitis.
    • Swelling of Adenoids (In Children).
    • Those who are on muscle relaxants and sedatives tend to snore as their tongue and throat muscles also become relaxed after taking those medicine and hinder the airflow.
    • Those who have structural differences in nose/ mouth/ throat such as the longer soft palate and/or uvula- narrow the opening from your nose to your throat, causing vibration and snoring sounds.
    • If you are consuming alcohol, then you develop a tendency to snore as your throat muscles get relaxed after alcohol consumption.
    • If due for any reason, you have sleepless nights, it causes relaxation of throat muscles, and a tendency to snore develops.
    • Sleep position matters a lot in patients who snore: snoring is typically the most frequent and loudest when sleeping on the back as gravity’s effect on the throat narrows the airway while sleeping on the sides eases airway blockage and prevents snoring.
    • If you are obese, you are likely to snore because excess body fat puts pressure on the soft tissues of the nose and throat and makes them bulky that compressing the airway which in turn causes snoring.

How does Homeopathy help?

  • Homeopathic Medicines are Ultra-diluted and potentized micro-medicines that address various causes of snoring (such as chronic cold, sleepless nights, obesity, nasal polyps) and help to recover snoring. Out of many Homeopathic medicines here are a few medicines mentioned for your knowledge:
    1. Teucrium: This medicine is helpful when you have nasal obstruction due to a polyp. Your sense of smell is lost. You have bad breath due to a chronic cold. You have a sensation of something crawling inside the nose with cold and sneezing and watering from the eyes.
    2. Sambucus Nigra: This medicine is helpful for coryza of infants and children. The patient has obstructed nose without any discharge from the nose. The child perspires profusely with coryza. The child has severe nasal obstruction with noisy breathing.
    3. Agraphic Nutans: This medicine helps when your child has enlarged adenoids or when you have recurrent episodes of cold and sneezing with excessive mucus discharge from the nose on the slightest exposure to cold wind. Enlarged tonsils and adenoids with deafness due to recurrent cold. Indicated when your throat and ear complaints co-exist.
    4. Kali Sulph: This medicine comes into the picture when you have a severely obstructed nose with a loss of sense of smell. Obstruction and snoring due to enlargement of the mucus membrane of the throat. This medicine is helpful for mouth breathing and snoring remains even after a child’s adenoids are removed by surgery.
    5. Lycopodium: This medicine is helpful when the child has a stuffed nose with noisy breathing during a cold. The child wakes up from sleep and startles due to difficulty in breathing. The sense of smell becomes so acute that even a minute smell irritates the nose. The patient shows the typical fan-like motion of his nose wings. The child develops ulcers on the tonsils and nostrils during cold.
  • Why Cosmic Homeo Healing centre?

    Cosmic Homeo Healing Centre is run by Second Generation Homeopath, who has clinical records of last more than 75 years and has vast clinical experience in Treating various cases of snoring and Sleep Apnoea. At Cosmic Homeo Healing Centre, Under the able guidance of Dr. Mahavrat Patel, our team has treated many cases of nasal obstruction due to various causes such as enlarged adenoids/ polyps, chronic rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, and many more.

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