The Latest in Skin Treatments to Make You Look and Feel Better

It is the desire of every person to appear beautiful and gorgeous. Many of them are of the opinion that it is only the celebrity and the rich, who can afford to get that look that people generally crave. But, what many of them are not aware of is that there have emerged many centers that have been offering the very latest in skin treatments to make the person appear beautiful and feel fresh and better. Some reputed centers like the CHHC are known to follow a holistic and ancient approach, using time-tested herbal products and remedies, within a sophisticated, modern, lively atmosphere.

Excellent diversified skin treatment services

There are varieties of services offered by this center to help enhance youthful, natural, radiant skin. Clear skin is what everyone should possess. Here, they are provided with effective treatments, by using the right, natural ingredients, and the results generated are simply mind-boggling.  The center believes in providing internal treatment by taking care of the root cause by using homeopathic medicines to help the clients to achieve fabulous, long-lasting results.

Some services offered to enhance the beauty of the skin


  • Mini Facial: Suitable for teens within 25 years, which includes exfoliation, pack, toning, and cleansing.
  • Age repair facial: Helps to firm and tighten the skin, due to the presence of organic and natural formulation. Products containing antioxidants as well as ingredients like sandalwood, grape seed, apricot, and cocoa that are full of anti-aging properties can help diminish the aging signs and increase collagen production for helping the skin to regain elasticity.
  • Essential oil Facial: With this, incredible changes can be brought to the skin. The potent regenerative properties present can help balance PH, normalize oil, renew dull complexions, and smooth wrinkles, and fine lines. Depending upon the skin constitution and type, various essential oils like sandalwood, jojoba, rosehip, and lavender are used.
  • Radiance and re-vitalizing facial: The delicate handmade facial products, enriched with aloe vera, licorice, and seasonal fruits and blended with rose water, honey can pamper the skin effectively.

Hand & food services

Nail cleaning and grooming are part of the treatment, combined with oil massage application with very specific acupressure points for relaxation and alleviating stress.

Hair Spa

This treatment generally includes the following:

  • Deep conditioning combined with hair steaming/oil massaging/hair wash
  • Rinsing
  • Hair pack/mask

Through this treatment, it is possible to have the hair follicles strengthened, nourish roots, and revitalize the scalps, thus leading toward natural hair rebirth, which is enhanced by homeopathic and ethnic herbal remedies. Moreover, it assists in increasing cell metabolism, stimulates blood circulation, and normalizes oil secretions. It is also good for rejuvenating and nourishing the tresses. Those facing hair loss or having damaged and dull hair can enjoy the benefits of this treatment. It is also useful for stopping hair fall and regaining the bounce of hair, its shine, and sheen.

Therefore, with a regular and proper skincare regime, it is possible to have glowing, smooth, beautiful skin.

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