Treatments of Flat Warts with Homeopathy

Flat Warts take place when the virus comes in contact with your skin and causes an infection. Flat Warts are more likely to build up on broken skin, such as areas nicked by shaving or picked hangnails, as the virus is able to penetrate into the top layer of skin through cuts or scratches. Flat Warts, also referred to as verruca, are small growths on the skin and are usually painless. Flat Warts are common blemishes and especially children and young adults are more prone to develop flat warts. They are contagious by nature; and can spread easily from one person to another. They also tend to spread from one part of the body to another easily in the same individual.

Self-treatment is not recommended, nor is trying to remove a wart, or fiddling. Homeopathy argues that methods such as burning flat warts is not a suitable treatment for the condition, as it does not address the condition underlying their appearance, but only takes away the surface manifestation. There is a possibility that the inner disease may continue to develop further and that too at a potentially faster rate.

How are flat warts diagnosed?

  • The homeopathic doctor will be able to easily recognize a wart
  • The doctor will conduct a physical examination to determine the type of flat warts
  • They will also draw out your family and medical history
  • In certain cases, routine tests may also be recommended
  • Homeopathic medicines which are safe for flat warts are usually recommended

Mentioned below are some of dos and don’ts for flat warts

  • Avoid shaving the areas that have flat warts as this will help the virus from spreading
  • Avoid picking at flat warts, as they spread more fast because of scratching
  • Children must be encouraged to wash hands appropriately after they finish playing
  • In case of children, cover the flat warts with an adhesive bandage as this will prevent them from picking the flat warts
Homeopathic Treatment For flat Warts-Homeopathy Clinic in Vadodara

Homeopathic Treatment For Flat Warts

The homeopathic treatment for flat warts does not suppress symptoms, but tries to eliminate the root cause. Homeopathy can turn what looks like an unlucky and awkward situation, such as flat warts, into a prospect to treat an individual holistically- to bring about greater health and well-being at all levels. A number of medications are there which can help to remove flat warts effectively.

  • Keep the affected area dry as flat warts flourish in a moist environment
  • In case you or your partner has genital flat warts, refrain from sexual activity as genital flat warts are highly infectious.
  • In case you have accidentally touched someone else’s flat warts or, even your own, wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly

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Thus, getting a homeopathic treatment for treating flat warts is better rather than carrying out treatment on your own.

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