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Homeopathy treatment for Tinnitus

Homeopathy treatment for Tinnitus

Tinnitus is noises heard in the ears, independent of any external sounds. It could be the ringing sound in the ear or it could be other noises that originate in the ear or the head. 

Ringing in the ear can vary in frequency and pitch; it can be loud or low. Even the types of sound can also vary like wheezing, whistling, roaring etc. and their pitches vary from person to person. Most people ignore it or learn to live with it due to inadequate information or improper treatment. 

The sounds could be continuous or may come and go, thus it is extremely disturbing to people who have it. The sounds can vary from whistling to hissing, roaring, buzzing or ringing and its intensity can be mild to distracting to maddening. 

Causes of Tinnitus

  • Cochlea damage
  • Brain tumor
  • Meniere’s disease
  • Drugs like aspirin and quinine
  • Infection, fluid in the middle ear
  • Excessive wax
  • Anemia, hypothyroidism, raised blood pressure
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Advanced Age

The cause of tinnitus in anyone’s case can be obscure as there are wide varieties of contributing factors. Ringing can also occur due to simple blockage of the ear canal or ear infections, otosclerosis etc. 

There are many toxic causes of tinnitus such as heavy metal poisoning, alcohol, antibiotics, quinine and aspirin. 


Symptoms of Tinnitus 

  • Common types of sounds like buzzing, hissing, roaring, whistling
  • Hearing loss and dizziness
  • Clicking sounds due to TMK (jaw joint) disease
  • Pulsatile sounds due to raised blood pressure which accompany your heartbeat

Diagnosis of Tinnitus

  • The evaluation consists of a physical examination of the head and neck
  • Hearing test which mainly includes Audiogram
  • Vertigo tests
  • CT Scan
  • MRI 
  • In some cases, blood pressure, thyroid levels and spinal tap should also be examined

Homeopathic treatment for Tinnitus

In most cases of tinnitus it becomes difficult to find a causative factor. It is therefore widely believed that age related damage to the cochlea could be the likely cause. Even if a cause is found, appropriate corrective action, medical or surgical may not always resolve the perceived sounds due to damage to the cochlea.

As a result, homeopathic medicines capable of working on the cochlea are prescribed. There are some effective medicines which help in resolving any untreated infection and inflammation as well as influence fluid within the ear.

Homeopathy is one of the most popular holistic systems of medicine. It aims to not only treat tinnitus but to address its underlying causes. As far as therapeutic medication is concerned several remedies are available to treat tinnitus which can be selected based on the causes, sensations and modalities of the patient. For an individualized remedy selection and treatment, the patient should visit a qualified homeopathic doctor.  

Homeopathic medicines have no adverse side effects and are made from plant and animal extracts. Dr. Mahavrat’s homeopathic clinic Cosmic Homeo Healing Centre provides the best homeopathic remedies and treatments.  


Homeopathic Treatment for Tinnitus

Homeopathic Treatment for Tinnitus

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus, the name itself sounds interesting. This is a medical condition where a person experiences noises in his/her ear, without any external factors. This noise can be heard either in one ear or both ears. When a person experiences this condition, it is a difficult time for them as they are always listening to some noise in their ears and to go about their daily routine in such a condition is highly difficult. This condition is known to affect 15-20 percent of the population. Tinnitus is not a disorder in itself; it is an indicator of any other condition like ear injury, circulatory system disorder, ear loss with advancing age.

When people are diagnosed with this condition, one of the symptoms they experience is “change of side or ear” from which they can hear the sound. People have also experienced changes to the intensity, pitch, volume, and type of sound, which they hear. In some cases, people also experience symptoms like vertigo, hearing difficulties, ear discharge and a sense of fullness/heaviness in the ears.

As tinnitus is not considered much of a disorder, most people with this condition tend to ignore all the symptoms. That, however, is not the correct approach as it is an indicator of something else being wrong. People experiencing these noises should consult a doctor as soon as possible for early diagnosis and treatment.

Conditions leading to tinnitus

Experts believe that tinnitus is not a disorder in itself but a result of any underlying condition. Some of the possible conditions are: extended exposure to noise, old-age related hearing loss, Meniere’s disease, high blood pressure, head/neck injuries, large quantities of ear wax, ear infections, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems, high stress levels and alcohol addiction.

Homeopathy Treatment for Tinnitus

While there are many ways of treating tinnitus, many people are turning towards homeopathy medicines to help reduce the tinnitus symptoms and therefore, offer a cure for the condition in the long term. Some of the commonly used homeopathy treatments for tinnitus include:

  1. Kali Mur- Among homeopathic medicines, kali mur is the best recommended natural medicine to offer relief from tinnitus. This medicine is used when there is lot of mucus discharge from the nose/throat area. The medicine also helps to treat popping and crackling sounds associated with tinnitus. Persons with long standing problems of ear discharges or Otorrhea can also seek relief with this type of homeopathy treatment.
  2. Natrum Salicylicum- This is another homeopathy medicine widely used to treat tinnitus and vertigo. This medicine is specially used to cure tinnitus, which develops due to Meniere’s disease. People with symptoms like ear noises, hearing loss and also those having vertigo must definitely make use of this homeopathy medicine to secure some relief. Tinnitus patients are subject to light sounds, which are heard all the time. Vertigo patients, on the other hand, suffer serious spells while sitting or getting up from bed.
  3. Graphites Naturalis: This homeopathy medicine is mainly utilized to cure the symptoms of somatic tinnitus, which become severe if there is head or jaw movement. People with this form of tinnitus usually experience hissing, buzzing, whistling or roaring sounds. They are also known to experience jammed ears and ear dryness in this situation.

There is no permanent cure for tinnitus problem till now but only effective treatment found in homeopathic medicine—natural remedies made from diluted extracts of plants and minerals.

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